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This is my inspiration blog. Since I don't like posting random stuff on my sketch blog I will reblog here and stuuuff! Have fun


I really liked haruka’s design


I really liked haruka’s design

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“My wife and staff would ask me, ‘Why make a story about a man who made weapons of war?’ And I thought they were right. But one day, I heard that Horikoshi had once murmured, ‘All I wanted to do was to make something beautiful.’ And then I knew I’d found my subject… Horikoshi was the most gifted man of his time in Japan. He wasn’t thinking about weapons… Really, all he desired was to make exquisite planes.”

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Simple watercolor process

A simple watercolor tutorial! We just started seriously trying to learn and work with watercolors just this year, so this tutorial shouldn’t be taken as an expert way of painting. We’re still learning ourselves, and these are a few steps that we have learned to approach to make our own process easier. Especially the more simplistic style we like to dabble in. Pardon if there are any misspellings or if something isn’t too clear. Let us know if you use this tutorial as well. We would love to see what you do!

Hope you enjoy!


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